Avoiding Food Waste


Did you know that the average New South Wales household throws away $1036 worth of edible food each year? (abc.net.au) That is like taking $20 out of your purse each week and throwing it in the bin.

I hate wasting food and try my best to avoid it, but every so often I end up with a container of something dodgy lurking in the back of the fridge that needs to be thrown away. Or a smell from the food cupboard that turns out to be a wet, mushy, very old potato. Bleugh!

These are some of the ways I minimise food waste:-

  • keep leftovers visible by using see through containers
  • have a designated spot in the fridge for leftovers
  • keep the fridge organised so that food doesn’t get ‘lost’
  • have a meal plan so I don’t buy more than I need
  • use the freezer. Even if it is a single portion of food, or I think I may be using something in the next few days, freezing food ensures that it won’t go off if I forget about it or change my mind.

bananabreadSome of the ways I avoided wasting food last week:-

  • made ice blocks using coke that had gone flat.
  • baked a banana bread (in the picture above) using bananas that had gone brown. I put my brown bananas in the freezer and save them for baking.
  • I bought two bags of onions because they were $1 kilo. I chopped them up using the blender, then spooned them into ziplock bags (1 onion per bag) and put them in the freezer so that they will keep for a long time.
  • We had a leftovers for dinner on Sunday night (see below). I set it out like a buffet, and told the kids they could choose what they wanted. They thought that this was the best dinner ever!
    buffetDo you have any tips for avoiding food wastage?

7 thoughts on “Avoiding Food Waste

  1. Stephanie I am a bit glum because we made spaghetti last week and I had to throw away the leftovers last night.. I had meant to put the leftovers in the freezer in lunch sized portions for work. Now I have wasted good food and money and I have to bake extra on the weekend for work lunches. I really like your idea of having a designated spot in the fridge for leftovers. I said to my husband this morning that when he comes home from work we will work out our designated spot in the fridge to keep our leftovers. On the plus side though, we made (my husband and I often cook dinner together) a corned beef and potato pie for dinner last night from a leftover piece of corned beef that we had frozen earlier in the month.

  2. Oh, don’t you hate that? Especially when you know how tasty those leftovers would have been. Your beef and potato pie sounds delicious, and I love that you and your husband cook together.

      1. Hi Stephanie. I make composting as easy as possible. We have a big open compost heap within throwing distance of an outside door. I save paper bags and use a bag to put compost in for each meal. After a couple of days I bundle up the bag, stand at the door and throw the bag. I hit the centre of the heap 99 % of the time. The bags are easy to collect if they don’t stay put. I know this sounds like I am lazy, but it works and I have lots of compost for my pumpkins. 🙂 Jane

  3. Cheers to being resourceful. I use leafy greens of vegetables like radishes, beets and snap pea leaves and when vegetables start to wilt I shred them into a vegetable cake, just add favorite spices and binder and pan fry away.

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