Garage Sale Goodies

Well, I struck garage sale gold this morning. I hadn’t even planned to go, but with an hour to spare, I decided to have a quick look on Gumtree to see if there were any sales close by, and luckily for me there were two, one in the street behind our house, and the other a five minute drive away.


These cotton reels were just some of the sewing supplies I picked up. I don’t think I will ever need to visit Spotlight again! It was like travelling through time as I looked at these treasures – baby layette patterns from the early 1900s, buttons from the 40s…the lady who had owned these had obviously been a very keen seamstress.
garage sale

These buttons remind me of the dresses and cardigans that my Nanny (grandmother) used to make for me. She always used to add specially chosen buttons to match the clothes that she had lovingly made. blue jug blue dish This Depression-ware dish sparkles like a jewel.greendishA green glass Pyrex dish with a lid that will be great for cooking vegetables in the microwave.cornishjug This Cornishware jug was only $2. Lots of crazing, but no chips.

Looks great on my dresser.hookandeyes ribbons These very old reels of ribbon are fascinating. Obviously chosen very carefully by their original owner, and probably quite expensive to purchase back then. I wonder why she never used them?dinnersetA gorgeous dinner set. I also bought the matching serving platter.Will be perfect for Christmas lunch.pot A little Bakelite (I think?) trinket box.rikrak An old biscuit tin filled with bias binding, rick rack, etc… poem I have put this framed poem on my desk. It is very soothing to read.patternsLook how well worn these old patterns are.

I had such a lovely time when I got home, rummaging through all my treasures. It was like Christmas morning. Nothing cost more than a couple of dollars, so I feel that I have kept to my thrifty principles. (Well, only just!)

I think the ladies who had owned these items would be happy to know that they had ended up with someone who would love and appreciate them.

8 thoughts on “Garage Sale Goodies

  1. Wow, you hit the jackpot. I remember when I first started going to yardsales, I couldn’t believe how much I could buy for a few coins! Things are more expensive now. I still have a crystal cruet I bought at my first yardsale for 17 cents! I love the little spools of ribbon, the green pitcher and the garden verse. Jane

    1. 17 cents?! Wow, that was a bargain. It’s funny with garage sales, isn’t it? Some are completely over-priced, whereas others are full of great deals. I think the spools of ribbon are my favourites too. By the way, your book looks as though it is getting close to being finished. Do you think it will be available in Australia?

      1. Hi Stephanie. The other thing about yard sales … You never know what you will find. If you want a clock, you’ll find a piggy bank, and if you want a piggy bank, you’ll find a clock! The book is probably a long way from being published but I have another out to publishers … If one takes it, it will be available where you are for sure. Jane

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