Sleeping Beauty

On the weekend I booked tickets to go and see the ballet, Sleeping Beauty, with my mum and daughters. It is being presented by the Imperial Russian Ballet Company, at the State Theatre. I can’t wait!

Each year I try to take my kids to see a show. I would love to think that they will keep the wonderful memories of these experiences, and that they will gradually develop an appreciation for artistic expression. Most of all, I just love the fun and anticipation; sitting in the darkened theatre, waiting for the curtain to go up, clapping like crazy, and talking about it for days afterwards.

When I was about five, my mum took us to see Disney on Ice. I can still clearly remember sitting in the rows of seats, being bombarded by the colour, lights and energy, seeing all those larger than life characters. We bought a program, and I would look through it again and again in wonder.

Last year, I went with my mum and daughters to Mary Poppins. The best part was actually watching my girls faces during the show. Their wide eyes, taking in the magic, excitement and drama. When she ‘flew’ over the audience, I thought they were going to take off too!

The year before that we saw Swan Lake on Ice, with the Russian Imperial Ice Stars. This was one of the most magical performances I have ever seen. I spent the show in a combination of goosebumps, tears and open-mouthed awe. Many of the performers are former Olympic skaters, and their skills on the ice are mind-blowing. They tell the story of the doomed lovers in an incredibly poignant way. Oh, and the kids enjoyed it too!

The very first concert I took my girls to see was the ballet of Swan Lake, also by the Imperial Russian Ballet Company. (They truly are amazing). We were so far up the back that I nearly got vertigo, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. They were taken in by the spell of the orchestra, the magic happening on stage and the sense of occasion. It was performed at the State Theatre, which feels a bit like stepping into a palace.

Do you remember the first show you went to as a child? I’d love to hear! xx

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. My first show was The Wizard of Oz, at about age 10. For a week afterwards, I would skip everywhere, just like they had skipped down the yellow brick road! I so wanted to be Dorothy!

    My boyfriend bought me tickets to see Mary Poppins for Christmas, and it was actually the first show that *he* had ever seen. I don’t think he was overly enthused before we went, but it was so much fun sitting there watching my big, burly, rugby-playing man smiling goofily and getting excited and involved during the show. We both felt like kids again! A really magical night…!!

  2. Hi. In Grade 12, our teacher took us to everything playing at the stage theatre in Halifax. I loved Midsummer Night’s Dream. I didn’t go to the ballet until I was in my forties and was amazed at how loud the feet are as they hit the stage. When my son was young, we went to the theatre as a Christmas treat… I was so impressed by the productions. We saw The Secret Garden and the whole stage revoved to show the garden. Thank you for reminding me of these wonderful times. Jane

    1. Hi Jane, This was the first time I had been to the ballet too, and I was amazed at how hard they work. It takes a lot of effort to make it look so graceful!

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