Teaching your child to read.

Lately, Callum has been showing such an interest in letter and sounds. He says things like “Pirates use an X to mark the spot, and a boy at my kindy has an X because his name is Max” and “if you turn a W on the side and draw a line, it makes a B”.

This is the perfect time to nurture his interest with lots of language and literacy experiences.

We have been:-

  • Writing a range of signs, lists, directions, labels, maps and stories
  • Making ‘words’ with the alphabet magnets we have displayed on the fridge
  • Reading lots of books with simple, predictive text, such as ‘Dog in, cat out’
  • Thinking of words that begin with the letter that designates our car parking space at the shopping centre
  • Playing with alphabet puzzles and games
  • Visiting the library
  • Writing letters in the flour on the kitchen bench
  • Talking about the letters we see in street signs
  • Making letters out of play dough
  • Singing funny, made up songs which contain letter sounds, such as “L L Lucie, L L Loves, L L Licking, L L Lollipops”.

Literacy learning experiences can be found absolutely everywhere, and you do not have to spend a fortune (no matter what the toy catalogues tell you!) If your child is showing an interest in letters and sounds, then they are ready to take those first steps on the path to reading. Just remember to keep it relaxed, positive and fun!

2 thoughts on “Teaching your child to read.

  1. Hi Stephanie. You can never do better than teach your child to read before school starts. My son knew how to read and it helped him have confidence about many aspects of school. To teach him, I made word scrapbooks by clipping pictures from magazines and printing the word(s) beneath. I still have those scrapbooks and hope to help my grandchild someday. Jane

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