Happy Mother’s Day.

Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday? I am looking forward to a cup of tea in bed, lots of cuddles, and a few very carefully chosen presents from the school ‘Mother’s Day Stall’.

Are you familiar with this concept? Basically, you buy a present to donate, or send cash so the P&C can purchase suitable gifts for the stall. A week or so later, you send your children to school with another envelope of money, so they can buy you a present (hopefully not the one you sent!) from the aforementioned stall. So, in other words, you are not only paying for your own Mother’s Day present, you are paying twice!!

It is, however, a wonderful way for the P&C to raise funds for the school, and the kids get such a thrill from bringing home their purchase, hiding it under the bed, then presenting it with much fanfare on Sunday morning.

For my own mum, I will be giving her a ‘Greeting Card File’. My mum buys the most thoughtful, special, personal cards throughout the year. She then puts them ‘somewhere safe’ and promptly forgets about them. This means that she often rediscovers the perfect birthday card, in the back of the cupboard, a month after the recipients birthday. Or she goes rummaging frantically through drawers and cupboards shrieking “I know I bought it!! It MUST be here!!!” as the special day looms.


To make the card file, I purchased a small concertina file from Officeworks, and decorated it with a packet of ‘birthday themed’ die cuts that I already had. Some glitter glue and a sparkly green ribbon made it more festive.

I used my labelling machine to print off labels such as ‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘sympathy’, ‘get well’, and ‘thank-you’, and stuck these onto the dividers. I have been collecting nice greeting cards with this project in mind, so I had a good selection to fill the file with. My mum can then add the ones she already has (when she finds them!


Happy Mother’s Day mum! I could not have wished for a better mum than you. You are the warm encouraging arm around my shoulder, the reassuring words in my ear, and my best friend. I love you. XXXXX

A gorgeous song for mother’s day.

Image –Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day.

  1. Hi. The file for cards idea is great. I have a correspondence box, without file space but at least I have a place to put the cards I like. I keep my stamps, return address labels and anything to do with correspondence there. Happy Mother’s Day! Jane

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