The perfect time to exercise.

Lately, I have been rather slack when it comes to exercising. I go through phases of all or nothing, with ‘nothing’ taking up most of the cycle. While I seem to race about all day doing the usual mum/ work thing, I know it’s not the kind of activity that is going to increase my fitness anytime soon. I would like to claim that I am just too busy to exercise, but there are plenty of people a lot busier than me who manage to exercise daily.

So I had been thinking about how to incorporate it into my day. What would be the perfect time to exercise? In the morning when I’m (supposedly) fresh and have the whole day ahead, or in the evening when Barry gets home from work? What if the weather is bad? What if I’m tired? When would I feel the most motivated?

You can see I spent much time thinking, not so much actually moving.

I thought about my dad, who is the most regular exerciser I know. For as long as I can remember, exercise has always been something he just does, most days, no fuss, he just gets it done. He is the embodiment of ‘just do it’.

Here is what I have learnt from my dad’s exercise routine-

1. There is no perfect time to exercise. If my Dad has something on in the morning, he will go for a walk in the afternoon. If he knows the afternoon will be busy, he gets his exercise over and done with in the morning. It is just something he needs to do, so he fits it in around his day.

2. There is no perfect weather for exercise. If it looks like rain, my dad carries a small umbrella on his walk. If it is extremely hot, or too wet, he will swim laps at the local indoor pool.

3. You will never be in the perfect mood to exercise. My dad never really feels like exercising, but he does it anyway. In fact, he always goes through a bit of a speech before he leaves – “Well, I can’t really be bothered with this, I must be mad”. And off he goes.

So there you have it. The perfect time to exercise is anytime, because thinking and talking about it gets you nowhere. If you are waiting for the perfect morning, with a gentle breeze and a cloudless sky, with you feeling bright and energetic and raring to go, you’ll be waiting a long time.  Just do it.

Do you exercise regularly, or do you grab time when you can? Or do you just think about doing it, like me!?

6 thoughts on “The perfect time to exercise.

  1. I absolutely love this post. My partner exercises everyday and fits it in his day. Myself on the other hand, I come up with so many excuses and end up not doig it!! (naughty me!) Love this post.

  2. Hi. I am the think about it, rarely do it, variety. However, I am now retired and beginning with a work-from-the-home schedule. So far, I have gone out for a walk every day, just after I get up, when I am energetic and have no excuses. It will continue! Jane

  3. This made me laugh so much (not least in shameful recognition!) I’m just the same; thinking about doing it makes me feel like I’m halfway there – my husband points out that if I spend the same amount of time actually exercising as talking about it I’d be a lean athletic machine. Hmm… Love the photo too!

    1. I would be ready for the Olympics if my actual exercise matched my exercise ‘planning’! It’s so funny how that works; I even feel more ‘frugal’ when I read money saving tips!

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