Remember this feeling?

Do you remember the feeling of getting ready to go to a birthday party when you were a child?

Choosing the dress you were going to wear,

Watching your mum wrap the present, or maybe you did it yourself?

Wondering which of your friends would be there,

Saying to your parents “come on, hurry up, I don’t want to be late!”

Then when you got there, the excitement, the balloons, the squeals of glee!

I love reliving these wonderful memories, as my daughters are now the ones opening sparkly invitations with wide eyes and carefully reading out the time and date of the party.

Sometimes we can get a bit carried away with the ‘theme’ of the party, the stylish decorations, the cake that would make Martha Stewart proud. But really, children are just excited to see their friends, to eat treat food and to have fun. Simple!




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