Have a lovely weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? We will be spending a fair bit of it ferrying our kids around to birthday parties, ballet etc, but I’d also like to start a new book. Any ideas? I did so much reading over the Easter break, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy losing myself in a good story.

Here are some great posts from around the web…

Gorgeous French wedding.

Have you ever been guilty of the parental humble-brag?

The cutest play shop ever.

A great idea for a baby shower.

Sea-foam green and white = a soothing colour combination.

Playsilks – nourish your child’s senses.

Stylish pants for winter.

I just finished this book and the characters have lodged themselves in my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

2 thoughts on “Have a lovely weekend!

  1. Hi! I had a look at the ‘sea-foam green and white’. I love her use of odd chairs! For some reason, my collection of odd chairs doesn’t look so well! Jane

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