Finding treasures in the garden

This was such a simple activity to pull together, although I had been thinking about it for ages. I wanted to do a ‘treasure hunt’ using things found in the garden, where the children would need to find the leaf or flower that matched the one in their egg box.

In the beginning, I had planned to take photos of things in the garden, print them out, and stick them onto the front of the egg carton.  After a while, I realised that although this may have been the most photogenic option, it was plainly never going to happen. So I just grabbed 3 egg boxes (one for each of my children), went for a quick walk around the garden to find 18 different leaves and flowers and then placed 6  into each box.

I arranged them so that my four year old son had ‘easier’ items, such as coloured flowers (his is the box above), whereas my nearly-8 year old daughter Charlotte had to look carefully at leaves which were quite similar.

Callum managed to find all of his things first (with a little help from Mummy) and was extremely pleased with himself, matching up all of his twin treasures neatly in his egg box.

Charlotte and Lucie took a little longer, and really took their time looking carefully at the leaves, feeling their texture, and talking about where they had seen particular plants. Charlotte had some trouble with her final leaf, so she took it inside and did a leaf rubbing with crayons so she could see the veins clearly. All her idea!

Since playing this game, the children have been saying things like “There’s that tree we have in our garden” and “Feel how soft these petals are”. They are noticing the details in their natural environment which was exactly the objective of the experience.

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