Easter Holidays – part 1

We have been having a ball at Kangaroo Valley while the kids are on school holidays. We will be here for another couple of weeks, so we’re gradually settling to a routine that does not involve needing to be anywhere by any particular time. It makes such a change from the usual “go go go”.

I had to improvise our Easter decorations this year as I didn’t bring them with me. (except for a packet of ‘bird eggs’ that I bought from the $2 dollar shop.) We found a suitable branch in the garden, and luckily I had a pile of white ribbons which were very useful as a nest and as bows on our egg tree.

On Good Friday, we met friends at the beach near Huskisson, and had a picnic.

The kids had a great time playing in the sand, looking for crabs, doing cartwheels and splashing in the water,

while I lay back on a rug and enjoyed the beautiful view.

More Easter adventures to follow tomorrow, if you’d like to see.

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