Pick up sticks.

Do you remember the game ‘pick-up-sticks’? You let the sticks fall into a pile, then each person has a turn trying to take away a stick without moving any of the other sticks. Tricky but fun. Anyway, Callum tried to play with his sisters, but ended up just getting frustrated.

When they left, he got busy with his favourite past-time – building stuff!!

pick up sticks 1

“Right, now those pesky girls have gone, I can finally have some peace! Let’s see, walls, ceiling…”

pick up sticks 2

“a roof….this is a much better use for these sticks!!”

pick up sticks 3

“I am concentrating, developing my hand eye coordination, using my creativity and problem-solving skills…”

pick up sticks 4

“open-ended toys are just the best!!” (well, ok, he didn’t really say that)

Pick up sticks 5

“Now for the finishing touch…I’ll use a ball from the Hungry Hippo game as a door knob”

pick up sticks 6

The happy face of a little boy who has just had a blast building with sticks!!!

If we give our children the freedom, time and encouragement to explore, they can often come up with way more imaginative ideas than we could ever think of.  Open ended toys allow their ingenuity to shine through.

Copyright (c) 2012, Teaspoons and Tinsel. All rights reserved

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