Autumn in Kangaroo Valley.

Autumn leaves

We had a last minute change of plans on Friday, and decided to spend the weekend in Kangaroo Valley, one of our favourite places in the world! At the moment, it is particularly beautiful as many of the trees are dressed in their Autumn splendour, glowing in shades of russet, gold and copper.

The kids spent one morning collecting leaves and making ‘leaf rubbing’ pictures. These turned out really well, and you could clearly see every stem and vein in each leaf. I was thinking that these would make lovely pictures on cards, or wrapping paper, or even as a framed print using a fern leaf like this:-

fern leaf

Molly the dog had a wonderful weekend. She spent half her time like this:-

and the other half like this:-

I spent my time reading the papers (yes, all the way through!), playing with the kids and relaxing.

On Saturday afternoon we walked into the village for an ice-cream. Callum, as always, chose rainbow flavour.

Callum eating ice cream

It was a perfect way to recharge the batteries and to spend time together as a family.

C & L running

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