I love candles, and yet I always seem to forget that I love them.

Recently the weather in Sydney has ranged from glorious sunshine, cold enough for long sleeves, pouring rain and gale force winds! It was during these winds that we had a electrical blackout, when a tree fell on the power lines in our street. As I couldn’t find batteries for our torch, we had to dig out the candles. We put them on the table at dinner and the kids just thought it was the greatest thing ever! They asked if we could have a “candle lit dinner” every night.

Then when the kids were in bed, the power came back on, but we decided to keep the lights off. Barry and I watched the television, surrounded by the soft glow of candle light. It’s amazing how candles can make even TV watching romantic!

Each time I light candles I am reminded of how they completely change the atmosphere of the room. Our brains just seem to make an automatic connection between candles and special occasions. I’ve decided that I’m not going to wait for the next blackout to ‘light up’.

Are you a regular ‘candle user’ or do you save them for birthday cakes and blackouts?

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2 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Hi. Candles do make ordinary events special. I look forward to using our candles on Earth Day, coming up soon. I like your posts, especially this one and the one about the dinosaurs. Jane

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