Where do dinosaurs hide?

In a dinosaur cave, of course!

I used two cardboard boxes, a few brown towels, black material that I cut with pinking shears for the dinosaurs to hide behind, some leaves from the garden and a handful of popcorn kernels as ‘dinosaur food’. I set it up on a low table for easy access.

We’ll need our torch so we can find them.

Aha! There you are!!

Callum decided that the dinosaurs would need a phone so that they could talk to each other,

and that one would have to stay on the top to keep watch,

and that the dinosaurs would be better standing in a straight line at the front of the cave.

“Let’s keep this dinosaur cave in my room for a day and a day and a day!”

Copyright (c) 2012, Teaspoons and Tinsel. All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Where do dinosaurs hide?

  1. Hi. I like the flashlight!! When my son was little, I made a dinosaur habitat quilt for him. The basic quilt had blocks added to represent a river, pond,desert etc. and 3-d cloth flaps to make caves, trees and so on. I have a set of cloth dinosaurs to use with it. My son is grown (28) but I use the quilt to play with my great-nephew! Jane

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