How to cut your own hair.

I knew something was up by the deafening sound of silence coming from Callum’s bedroom.

The next sign was the small pile of honey blonde hair on the carpet.

“Come out from under your bed. I won’t be cross. I just want to have a look” I said, as calmly as I could.

Out he crept, scissors in hand, with his brand new hair-do….which was actually not so bad! His fringe was a bit shorter than before, but at least now he could see without having to brush it out of the way.

When he realised that I was not going to have a meltdown, he made his way to the mirror, where he proudly observed his handiwork.

“What do you think?” I asked. “Hmm, yeah, I like it”, he smiled.

“I know it was getting in your eyes, but I was going to take you to the hairdressers this week you know”.

“Well”, he said “Now you won’t have to”. Fair point.


3 thoughts on “How to cut your own hair.

  1. Hi. This only proves what I have always known… mothers enter a space with its own rules and logic. Once when my son was little, I thought, there is no reason he couldn’t cut my hair. An hour later, my poor husband was trying to undo the damage. On the positive side, I am sure this kind of thing builds a child’s confidence if responded to gently. Jane

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