Hmmm…how did he learn that!?

We have all been struck down by the dreaded lurgy. It has been handed from one family member to another like a germ-filled ‘pass the parcel’. I know I’m always telling my kids to share; now I know they’ve been listening! And they’ve given it to me!!! Bleaugh…cough..cough…!!

On Saturday, as I was lying in bed, Barry came in and said “The kids are watching a movie. I’m just going to sneak out and get them each a Happy Meal”. I knew there was a reason I married that man! I would have kissed him if he’d been brave enough to get any closer.

While he was out, Callum also paid me a visit. That boy needs constant feeding and he wanted a biscuit. Now. Without wanting to spoil the surprise that was on it’s way home as we spoke, I said he’d be having lunch very soon. He then tried to explain to me, very patiently, what would happen if I didn’t give him a biscuit. (see video below)

Just for the record, I have always prided myself on being consistent and reasonable when it comes to whinging. I have been well aware of the dangers of rewarding this type of behaviour. I don’t give in, even when I have been in the middle of the supermarket with a screaming toddler. I am calm (outwardly!), I am firm. I am understanding (“Yes, I understand you want it, but you’re not getting it”.)

And yet, here I am with a four year old who clearly knows how ‘pester power’ works.

Maybe I’m not as consistent as I thought!

By the way, he didn’t get the biscuit!

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